Relevant Topics, Delivered Live

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No wedding or party planning here! Don't waste time on workshops and courses that aren't for you. Find topics specifically related to planning corporate events. And, if you join us live you have the added perk of co-creating the workshop by asking questions related to your upcoming events!
Relevant Topics, Delivered Live

Who's Leading the Workshops?

  • Sara Bell


    Sara Bell

    Sara is a customer experience expert with a decade of experience in commercial and private aviation and corporate events. Her primary focus in everything is based on creating a VIP experience for all involved - including the ones running the show. She believes that building positive relationships is the foundation of all successful businesses - and that starts with you providing an outstanding experience from the very first interaction. Her work and insights have been featured in local publications as well as in Meet Well by Elite Meetings International. She has planned everything from corporate incentive programs and golf tournaments to annual conferences for over 200+ attendees. Based in the Florida panhandle, she is a frequent traveler and enjoys exploring new destinations. She's a walking example of how the effects of positive attitude, hard work, and treating yourself like the VIP you are will help you create the life of your dreams. She left the corporate world in early 2016 to care for her grandmother with Alzheimer’s while pursuing her dream of entrepreneurship. She created a service based company - offering digital marketing and high-end customer service support to small businesses who don’t yet have a team to dedicate to the customer experience. For more of Sara's work, visit